It may come as a total surprise but today is not my 21st birthday. But it is my birthday and I have learned a lot since my 21st, (5 years ago haha) and I thought I would share. So these are 21 things I've learned...


#1 Love what you do. It is not what you are, or what you have, but it is what you do, that makes you who you are!


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#2 Life goes fast. Still can't believe how fast it goes, so HOLD ON TIGHT!


#3 Don't sweat the small stuff. There are much bigger goals you are aiming for!


#4 Spend more time with your parents. They make you a better person and you will want your kids to be spending time with you. SO send the pattern now!


#5 Love yourself. No one will ever love you more!



#6 Limit your time on social media. That is unless you are liking or commenting on one of my posts!


#7 Exercise is the key to life. I wake up every morning at 4:30am to fit it in!  Me and Dolly Parton!


#8 Spelling doesn't count. There's always spellcheck and Google!


#9 Fake it till you make it. Develop the confidence you need to overcome your fears and achieve your goals and objectives.


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#10 If it was easy everybody would do it. Hard work pays off!


#11  Don't hold grudges. Oh man, it takes too much work!  Use that energy for something else! Like laughing!


#12 Make everyday an adventure. Life isn't about the extraordinary once in a while; life is about the everyday!



#13 Relationships take work. All relationships, work, love, friends, all of it. It is a consistent work in progress. Don't get lazy on this one!



#14 Don't have kids! Just kidding! Have lots of kids, they are what makes it all work but don't kid yourself it's a ton of work! They will take your soul, your body and your money, but they return it all in spades!!


#15 Don't over think it. JUST DO IT. Trust me, if you jump, you will land! And when you have landed you can only go up!


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#16 SMILE a lot. It will shock you how much better you will feel


#17 Wear high heals! Nothing makes you feel more put together than the perfect pair of shoes

#18 Shop thrift! And make others join you (Check out my Thrift Haul)!

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#19 Lose your ego and learn from others. This is the key to being a successful entrepreneur: Listen and learn from others. YOU are NOT always right!


#20 Put FUN as a priority! It's free, healthy and important. Enjoy every second that life has to offer!


#21 "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels" - Kate Moss! Well almost nothing! Wine and sweet potato fries are totally worth it!

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