3 Easy Signs for Eco-Friendly Beauty & Skin Products

The green beauty and sustainability movement has been getting more traction over the years..but there are some pros and cons for that. Pro - Being eco-conscious is no longer a fad and is here to stay! Con - fact-checking skin products is tedious and sometimes we fall into the world of decision paralysis. 

For those who don’t know my favourite quote from Anne-Marie Bonneau, “We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly, we need millions of people doing it imperfectly”. So stop sweating on the micro details and don’t compromise your love for beauty and skin products. Here are my top 3 easy ways to become more eco-friendly, plus an extra credit tip if you want to challenge yourself!


1. Look for Natural Ingredients

It’s important that the ingredients are safe for your skin but also safe for the environment! When we cleanse our skin, leftover skin products get washed away. A company I love that only uses 100% natural ingredients is The Care Principle.


2. Shop Local

The closer it is to home, the smaller its carbon footprint! There are great local skincare and beauty products made by Canadians that work just as good (if not better) than the ones you find in department stores. My go-to local brand is da lish cosmetics because it’s Canadian made and uses locally sourced ingredients. Shopping local is one of the best ways to buy eco-friendly products.


3. Choose Sustainable Packaging

There is so much innovation out there, where they are using recycled materials for their packaging! I adore the packaging like Graydon Skincare because literally EVERYTHING is recyclable. The bottles are made from 50% post consumer waste and best of all, their boxes are certified to never come from old trees!


Extra Credit: Find a Company that Recycles for YOU

If you’re feeling like going above and beyond, another great sign of an eco-friendly product is if they offer a recycling program for your empties. This incredible company called boscia offers a recycling program that REWARDS you for recycling. Crazy, right? For every 3-5 empties you ship to them with a pre-paid shipping label, they send you a free product!

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Just reading the article in Watershed. We are new to Wellington. I am a fan of your store on Queen St. from years ago.
You website is inspiring.
Thank you,

Mary-Ann Metrick April 22, 2024

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