DIY Tulle Skirt

Tulle is back, baby! With the release of Sex and the City: And Just Like That, I am seeing tulle everywhere, from vintage stores to the runways! The only thing I love more than a great statement piece is a D I Y.

Tulle makes for the perfect DIY skirt as it is easy to find and transform into something new. Recently, I made my own no-sew tulle skirt, and here is how I did it!

First, I gathered my materials. You'll need: tulle ribbon, an elastic waist band, scissors, and a pin--yes, that's all!

Start by cutting long strips of ribbon, leave a few extra inches so that it will be your desired skirt length when folded. The amount of strips you need will depend on how full you want the skirt to be.

Then, fold your strip in half. Slip the fold through the elastic band (or around, depending on the type of elastic waist band you're using) and tie a slip knot. 

You'll repeat this multiple times across the elastic strip, adding as many strips as you want to achieve your desired look. Once you've made it all the way around you can either knot the elastic together, or use a decorative pin to hold both sides together. 

This DIY is super simple, and can really elevate any look! You can also layer it over another skirt to spice things up!  

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