New Years Resolutions

I’m just going to say it – I love resolutions! Resolutions get a bad rap as too many of us focus on success and failure. There is this idea that a resolution needs to be completely perfectly, and this fear of failure stops us from even starting. The key to a successful resolution is to accept that if it does not happen – it is not a failure. I view setting resolutions similar to setting goals – you are saying what you want to achieve aloud, turning a thought into a conscious decision. Get over the fear of being accountable for something you want!


As an example, I had a few resolutions I set back in January 2021 – to start my own blog, create gift boxes, learn how to sail, and move to a small town. By the end of 2021, I launched my own blog and gift boxes, moved to a small town and bought a boat. While have only sat in the boat so far, in 2022 I am aiming to make progress and learn how to sail! The key to positive and successful resolutions is just to say them! Putting your wants and dreams aloud is extremely motivating and held me accountable to make them possible.


Resolutions are not set in stone – they can be achieved to various degrees of success, just like my sailing lessons. We need to lose this fear of not completing things 100% perfectly and use resolutions as motivation to keep going. With all the uncertainty last year and now in 2022, resolutions can be a great way to feel fulfilled. Positive resolutions create a sense of purpose. There are so many things in the world that we cannot control, but we definitely can control what we want and what we will do to get there!  


Going into 2022, a few of my personal resolutions are to grow my own veggie garden, learn how to sail, and become physically stronger! Nobody knows what the outcome will be exactly, but let’s check back in December!

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