I always joke that we should have named Riddick, Zoolander.  The worlds greatest super model dog!

*This post is sponsored by Bayer®*

If you didn’t know Riddick, here are the top 5 things you need to know:

#1 He only drinks from the toilet. (he can flip the seat up with his nose)

#2 He suffers from severe FOMO (fear of missing out) 

#3 He sleeps at the dog park (the minute we walk in, unleash him, he lies down and passes out)

#4 He is incredibly vain (having been chosen for this campaign has done wonders for his ego)

#5 He is truly my kids dog. He adores each of them! 


I realized that if Riddick spends time romping outdoors, I want to be extra careful when it comes to looking out for ticks and fleas. I learned that fleas are said to bite up to 400 times daily, and ticks can feed onto your dog for more than a week! This can be incredibly uncomfortable for your animal, and discomfort is the last thing you want your pet to feel during the spring time and summer cottage getaways. As I said before, Riddick always sleeps on the grass during his walks (or anywhere for that matter) and I feel a lot safer if he’s prepared.  

Since his national tv appearance on Cityline TV and his latest blog post, his ego grew even bigger and loves to be the centre of attention. Riddick was so excited when Bayer reached out to him and asked him how he deals with ticks and fleas. In the past, he's used edible flea medication but it's a real struggle since it's hard for him to swallow. I've tried covering his pills in peanut butter but it gets stuck to this his mouth.




Bayer gladly sent me the K9 Advantix II topical treatment for Riddick. Not only is this a trusted brand, but their products are non-systematic, and work once the medication has been applied to your dog. Since he has become more vain, he only takes top-quality products haha! Protect your pet from fleas and ticks, before they attach. I also love that it’s low maintenance, #NoBiteIsRight! This is so easy, I put it on once every month for 6 month which is easier than sun screen and mosquito repellant with my kids! 

Riddick approves this message.



*This post is sponsored by Bayer®*


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