Waste Free Holiday Wreaths

My number one tip for having a more mindful and sustainable holiday season? Slow. It. Down. Really take it back to basics and spend time creating new traditions!

Now that I have this beautiful porch, -- something I never had in the city, I love creating a warm and welcoming space for the holidays. Especially for those porch hangs!

Let’s start with the wreaths, I have these grapevine wreaths that I found at Michaels last year.

What I love about them is that they’re reusable, and at the end of their life they can be composted. You can also find wreaths made from thick jute material that can be reused every season.

I love that I can customize them every year within a theme and just add fresh greenery. Once the season is over, I pull out and compost the greens, and store the wreaths away for next year.

This year I’m using pine and cedar branches, along with cranberries for a pop of colour. Pro tip—have fun with textures! I even added a little sage to my wreaths for some light green colour, and that soft texture!

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