Why I Joined A Fitness Show & Would I Do It Again?

It’s no secret that this past weekend I competed in my very first fitness show. Along the way I have shared a bit of my diet and workout routine, but have never really addressed why I took the leap and participated in a fitness show!

I think many of us have realized the negative aspects of quarantine and staying inside all the time. In the beginning it was great, I got to spend time with my kids, started filming TV segments from home and learned so many new skills. One thing I realized, as I started to leave home and get busy was that I was getting sluggish. All the sitting around, eating ice cream and wine every night was great in the moment, but when I needed to stay motivated and keep up with my kids, I really felt the effects. I just didn’t feel good. I felt held back. 

This was a huge realization for me as I want to be a fun parent and feel young. On vacations or annual ski trips - I want to be involved whether it’s surfing or skiing. But I just lacked the strength and energy. This motivated me to not only start working out differently than I used to, but also to join an event to keep myself accountable. My kids are all so active and as a family we love to do activities together. For me, to truly feel connected and a part of these activities, I wanted to have the strength to participate in everything that I can! I did not want to sit on the sidelines.

I also am a strong believer in the fact that you need to constantly push yourself to try new things to stay young. That is my key to feeling and staying young! The nerves and excitement of participating in a fitness show not only kept me motivated with an end goal - but also make me feel excited and introduced something new to my life! 

The show itself was so exciting and really had a positive community atmosphere. I got to try so many new things - a spray tan (was not used to it!), custom bedazzled bikinis, posing classes and so much more! But really the most rewarding part of the show was the workouts - how they made me feel energized and strong! 

Now that it’s all done, would I do it again? Maybe! These sparkle bikinis are not cheap and I've already invested in the shoes! I’m not too sure if I would do the actual show again since I want to try more different things, but I really enjoyed the workouts that helped me get there. The show was a great bonus to try something new, but the workouts really gave me the energy and strength I was looking for to keep up with my kids and do all the fun activities with them! This year, I was able to go surfing in the Dominican, we went skiing and I made it down every black diamond run without crying! 

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