As the winter carries on, dreary weather becomes a regular and the days are shorter… I need a pick-me-up.

Sifting through my closet, I found a gorgeous jacket my mother-in-law gave me, two Christmasses ago, thrifted!

Let’s talk statement coats.

In a sea of black and grey, a great gal like you should stand out. Staying warm and stylish, while making an impression? I’m in.



Not only does your statement coat have the power to elevate an outfit you don’t feel great in, it can make you excited to be outside! A great jacket will take you so far. If you feel good and look great, you might even forget about the cold for a minute haha!




From November to March, your coat is the first and sometimes the only part of your outfit someone will notice. You want to make a lasting impression! 

Shop around for your statement coat, as they can be found anywhere.

Will yours be leopard print? What about a beautiful shade of red? If you’re not too sure about wearing a bold colour to compliment your monochrome palette, a striking white is a great idea.

The number one rule is to have fun, and I promise that as soon as you wear it, the “oh I love your coat! Where did you get it?” will start rolling in. 

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