I would say my love for the ocean has developed over the past couple of years.  I am a city girl who grew up with a pool in her back yard and had a hard enough time adjusting to lake life.   I still remember the first time I ran down to the dock at our cottage, and stopped dead in my tracks, and shouted out' DAD, THE LAKE NEEDS TO BE VACUUMED' . 


I have over the years become a lover of the lake, and now an Ocean lover. - please do keep in mind that I did see JAWS in a drive in, and I think that could have scarred me for most of my childhood.   #70'sChild!

But with some time and some research (great whites can't really swim that shallow) i have become to understand why people NEED the ocean.  that feeling of the sand on your toes, the motion of the waves and the salt on your lips- there is nothing like it.   It is natures medicine for the soul.   


Now don't get me wrong, this girl will still spend most of her summer in a heated pool downtown Toronto, but when the Ocean comes calling, I can now never say no!



Shot on location at Nassau, Bahamas

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