The outfit I am wearing here, is a designer piece, (that I rented from Fitzroy Rentals, since I am the accidental environmentalist) that is totally inspired by sleepwear.  You can tell by the pant bottom and the collar.  These are key sleepwear design features.  This outfit is not for sleeping… buy you don’t need the designer PJ’s to pull off this trend.  You can do it with the ones sitting in your drawers.  

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Gone are the days, when pajamas were meant for just sleeping.  The pajamas trend is taking Instagram by storm, and celebrities are loving it. All the pajamas here are from, which has Canada’s largest wellness selection.  You can find them in  their curated holiday shop!  The number one holiday gift is pajamas – and now it’s the jammies that last all day long… it’s kind of like giving the gift of sleep!

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Allie looks so comfy in her jammies. These are PJ Salvage and are made from 95% modal which is a sustainable fabric, and has the most amazing silky feel.

The first thing you are going to want to do, is add a heel. Nothing says ‘streetstyle’ than a good heel. Tucking in the top gives a real effortless look. Because this set of pajamas is in a beautiful turquoise, I would play with the bright colour, and add more colour - the real key to achieving this look, is to make sure people don’t think you just forgot to get dressed. If you were to add just a regular black coat to this, it could look like you a running to get milk….but not adding a bright orange coat with this. (Which is from Winners). Then adding a yellow cross body bag, more colour the better.


Shakira is wearing everyone’s favourite - a romper, which is so comfy.  This is a Smash and Tess, one that is exclusive to  It’s made with a rayon from Bamboo, so it too has sustainable properties, and has that silky feel.   

So first step in rocking the romper outside of the home, is to add some some shape to it. Ideally around the waist.  Instead of a belt, I grabbed this awesome fanny pack.  Which we know the fanny pack trend well!!  But this one is adds the shape we need. I wouldn’t add a runner with this look, a killer ankle boot works perfectly. With the romper being one piece, you have to be careful to add accessories that have sophistication to them, otherwise it could look too young.  Then finish off the look with a shawl, another Winners score!

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Jules is rocking a preloved lounge set. It’s made from a deadstock, 100% cotton waffle. Jules is in a Large set, so it is so comfy and something you don’t want to take off.   

Let’s turn this into a ‘streetstyle, winter white look’. First thing is add this cable knit sweater over top.   And you can give it the ‘blogger one tuck’, I would add a super cute pair of runners. The key with all winter white looks, is layers,  so we have PJ top, the sweater, and coat. And she needs a little animal print to this look, insert hand bag.

Now she doesn’t look like she forgot to get dressed!!!  And you look ready for your Instagram selfie!!


Watch the whole CityLine segment on “Sleepwear to Streetwear”, on CityLine.

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clothing sponsored by, Winners & preloved

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